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General Information

Kalispell Education Foundation is a broadly-based, non-profit community organization whose purpose is exclusively educational and charitable,and is to secure and distribute contributions from individuals,corporations, governmental agencies, and foundations for the benefit of Kalispell Public Schools.


Kalispell Middle School is a three-year educational facility offering a comprehensive program for students Grades 6-7-8.  The mission of Kalispell Middle School is to produce contributing members of America’s diverse society.  We stimulate intellectual curiosity within a school environment where students feel a sense of safety, community and ownership.  We promote pride in individual achievement and help students meet their potential by instilling the value of accomplishment based on good behavior, work and effort.

Kalispell Middle School has a population of approximately 1030 city of Kalispell students Grades 6-7-8.  We are a middle school with teaming at each grade level.  Each team at each grade level has a period of team planning set aside for planning of cross-curricular work;  team time for meeting with parents and students;  planning of test scheduling;  planning homework load;  scheduling weekly agenda; planning awards assemblies.  Each team has the flexibility to block core classes to accommodate for labs, field trips, projects.

KMS has three core teams at Grade 6 and each core team teaches the subjects of reading, communication arts, mathematics, social studies, science.  Grade 6 students receive health enhancement each day.  Grade 6 students have six core periods for instruction with one period of encore or elective classes.  Students may select a full year of music, selecting either orchestra, choir or instrumental band for their one encore period.  If the student does not select the music field as an encore then they are in our encore wheel for Grade 6.  In the wheel the student takes a nine weeks rotation of Art, Family and Consumer Science, Keyboarding, Technology Education (woods, metals and technology education).

Grades 7 and 8 have three teams each grade level.  Those core teams consist five educators on each team teaching a communication arts, mathematics (three levels), social studies, science or health enhancement.  Students at the Grade 7 and 8 level then have two encore or elective periods broken into trimester lengths with each encore choice being 12 weeks long.   The encore choices are in seven areas or fields of emphasis:  Art (4 classes to choose from in art); As the World Turns (4 classes to choose from  consisting of current events, valley history, American Indian, world cultures and customs); Family and Consumer Science (4 classes in this area to select from); Industrial Technology (4 classes to select from in this field); Information Technology (4 classes to select from in this encore); World Languages (student may select German, French, Spanish).  Student may elect to take a year-long Music of band, choir, orchestra.

Before a student moves from KMS to one of our two high schools the student has to have taken an encore class from each of the six areas of emphasis so the student has sampled all areas to be able to make better choices at the high school level where the schools have a career track emphasis.